About Melody


I always knew I would do great things when I grew up. I dreamed big. I would be teacher. I would be on Broadway. I would be a social activist. I would be a great artist and speak the language of beauty. I would be in the Olympics. I would write a book. I would marry Prince charming. I would change lives.

I have done none of that...

And all of it.

20 years married to Prince Charming. Eight children -- with one safe in the arms of Jesus...

I sing praises to God in my living room... and dance in my pajamas. I show my kids how to crawl and walk and jump and run. I advocate for women who are searching for their voice in this oft times shallow and harsh culture. 

I speak to mamas and home educators trying to remember where they misplaced their joy and their health. And to my beloved children who have made me a teacher at last. 

I draw funny faces for my children... and sometimes beautiful things.

I write and write and write... all over notebooks and paper and this blog and wherever people let me. And I write the book that is tumbling out of my heart.

It is good to be here in the shadow of the Cross of Grace and Mercy... even when it looks ugly as sin. It is all for Him. The only thing I regret are those times when I have stood in His way. 

Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever!