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"Big Prepper" 
Home Essentials Starter Kit w/eBook  

What would you do if you didn't have access to your doctor or hospital?

If you are a prepper (or love one), then you have probably considered this question many times. Water, food, shelter, medical care... If the grid goes down, those are the big four that we will have to replace.

Plant-based medicine in the form of essential oils is one answer to the "What now?" question and this starter kit is the perfect introduction for any serious prepper.

I bet you thought that essential oils were just for ladies who like to smell pretty, didn't you? Well, then let this be the start of your new chapter in prepping! Not only are these little bottles packed full of potent drops of therapeutic grade oils... but those oils are the secret to grid-free health and first aid.

I was an essential oil skeptic until I experienced the powerful impact of each drop.

I was also a prepper skeptic... until my charming and persistent husband finally won me over. I tell those stories in the eBook that is included with this set. And I walk you through the basics of the simple use of essential oils for your family now and in times of emergency.

What else is included in this kit?

  • The Top 10 Essential Oils for preppers that I talk about in the eBook. 15 ml bottles (the Small Prepper Kit has 5 ml bottles). These small bottles contain 250 potent drops of therapeutic grade essential oils. That goes far, my friends!
  • Petal Diffuser
  • FREE eBook - Essential Oils for Preppers: Taking Your Health Care Off the Grid
  • Ongoing community support and essential oil education (if desired)
  • FREE wholesale account with doTERRA for 25% off all products

To find out more about what is included in my eBook, check out this post on my website. The eBook is also available separately in my shop. 

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