If you read my bio, you know that God has blessed me with everything a modern princess really needs: a large and beautiful family, a lively homeschool, healing after two decades of chronic illness, many creative outlets, and a strong faith in Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. My cup is full! What more do I need?

That is the question I have asked myself a hundred times over the last year. Recently, after 10 years of blogging at a faith-based blog, I quit cold turkey. I loved blogging and the community but my heart was being pulled away... and back into the heart of my family. I was being called to shut down the distractions in order to see my blessings with fresh eyes and to serve the people I love with renewed vigor. Instead of Tweeting, I washed dishes. Instead of writing posts, I entered more deeply into the sweet drama of family.

As time passed, I began to notice that the sweetness was marred by one missing piece: my faithful husband. He was working so hard to support us that he had to sacrifice spending being with us. I thought there had to be a way to find balance. 

But there is no such animal as "balance" in busy family life. We never truly multi-task, we simply prioritize quickly, one thing over another. When we do things for fun or profit or necessity, we simply decide that the investment will pay off somehow in service to our family.

My husband's service is heroic. And now I am ready to be his sidekick. Which brings us back to the question...

Why this blog?

First, it is an act of service to all women (and men) out there who need hope in times of desolation, healing in times of illness, encouragement in times of trial. After finding relief after 20 years of chronic pain and illness, I need to testify to others that healing (or at least peace) from any of life's struggles is possible... and to give you permission to accept it and take the next step, whatever it may be. And that joy is always an option, even in the midst of pain.

Second, this blog is an act of service to my family. Homeschooling is an almost impossible task in this culture of double income frenetic insanity. We've tried to step outside of the crazy. We've tried to be frugal. We've tried to make it all work when we haven't an ounce of energy left. The formula isn't working. After setting aside my decade of blogging and my addiction to social media and various other distractions, I'm giving my time to something better...

Bringing my husband home. 

What is it worth to me to have more time with him? To have him walk away from his second and third jobs in order to spend more time with us? So much. And so I'm combining my love of wellness, essential oils, and the vocation of motherhood and making something happen. 

This blog will record my journey as well as be a resource for the community of caregivers who need support and care. And for those of you who are looking for a way to bring your family together again? Or buying that family farm you've dreamed of?

Let's talk. I want you on my team.