Are you ready to start healing?

Are you an Essential Mother?
Are you longing for a fresh start on life - mind, body, and soul? 
What if you don't have to be in pain?
What if you could feel better than you have in 20 years?
What if you could serve those you love freely and fully without crashing to a halt?

There's no magic pill.

I am living proof that there is hope.
After 20 years of chronic pain and illness, I found healing. 
(Read my story HERE.)

On the one hand, it's an easy story to tell because the foundation of my healing is quite simple.
On the other hand, it's full of the daily details of incremental changes, losses, and victories.

This website exists, in part, to share the keys to that healing with you...
So that you may likewise be empowered.

Making the decision to begin is something that you can do today.
I remember the day that I began... it remains one of the most important days of my life.

I believe that EVERYONE can be helped by making the changes I have made, even if you have underlying causes that cannot be cured. 
But instead of giving you a magic potion (which I do not posses), I'm going to offer you ways to become an advocate for your own health.

God bless your journey.
Let's begin!