(this is the tag on my website mattress... please read.)

  • I am not a doctor. Please do not use my words or recommendations to replace sound medical advice. Blog posts are necessarily broad and cannot replace personal care by a healthcare professional.
  • This is a journey of wellness NOT perfection. Progress is not measured by the end of the journey but by the small victories... the private healthy choices... the one decision you made in a day that honored your goals. 
  • It's not a race. I have been on this journey for 5 years and I am still struggling and still falling and rising. This is not a one-time diet that I can "fail" at but a lifetime of little choices. Until my final hour, there will always be another moment to choose to be a little healthier and a little holier. I'm not better than you are... I'm walking with you.
  • Every journey is different. God designed our bodies to function according to certain physical laws but we all have different strengths, weaknesses, sensitivities, and preferences. My goal here is not to make you exactly like me... but to help you be a better you. If what I write doesn't resonate or fit with your life... you have no obligation to read or follow.
  • Every good choice is a victory. If you have been sick for a long time, are overwhelmed by your life circumstances, or are pregnant or postpartum... please go gently. This is not a competition.  We will not be counting failures.
  • Remember your purpose. Resolutions fail because the purpose is less compelling than the comfort of staying where we're at. Find your purpose... find your strength. My purpose is HERE.

  • There will be some affiliate links in these posts... but I will not link to any product that I have not personally used and find worthy of a recommendation. If I have not used it but have a good reason to link, I will indicate that in the post. More about that in my DISCLOSURE POLICY.