why I write about healing

Can my story help you? I pray it can.

In 2012, I was 35 years old with six children and suffering through the worst pain and sickness of my life. It wasn't anything new... same old burden of chronic joint pain and debilitating fatigue and illness. I had been dragging myself through life for 20 years through shear force of will and now? My body was screeching to a halt.

Seven pregnancies. Homeschooling. Aging body. Active family. Housework. Husband. The normal obligations of life. Each one felt like a 100 pound weight on my back and each morning took more courage than I felt I could muster.

For those who have suffered any chronic illness, I don't have to tell you what that does to a mind and a soul. I felt the burden of my failures and the darkness of my future. I was certain that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 40.

The crisis point came in the middle of a Saturday afternoon as I lay on my bed, curled up and weeping. I was truly at the bottom of my courage. That was the day I thought I couldn't go on another step. But someone must have been praying for me because it was also the day when I took a step anyway and discovered a path to relief and healing.

The details of that journey are in various places on this blog but the nutshell is this: I changed my diet and changed my environment, and I credit those two adjustments with saving my life in more ways than one. Since then, I have been able to help some of my children with similar struggles and also help others outside my family to seek wellness solutions. Fortunately for me, God has made it easy for me to do those things because His design for our bodies and natural world is so amazing! 

Three things I have learned:

1. Wholesome food is a key component to a happy and healthy life. 
2. A healthy environment is integral to a healthy mind and body.
3. A lifestyle that neglects good nutrition, regular movement, and healthy environment frequently leads to illness and depression.

I never realized how sick I was until I felt well. And let me be clear: If God allows me to be sick, I pray that I can peacefully accept it. But if my sickness is due to my poor dietary choices and lifestyle? Then I wish to set that cross down as quickly as possible to free my arms for service to love. 

I thank God for my continued healing and pray that if you are suffering unnecessarily, that you will find hope and freedom in these digital pages.