Are essential oils FDA approved? 

Because essential oils are not drugs but pure plant oils, they are not regulated by the FDA. However, the FDA does categorize essentials oils under their GRAS label, which means: Generally regarded as safe. 

Are essential oils ever used by medical doctors?

Yes! Medical professionals in many specialties offer their patients essential oils. Additionally, there are currently about 120 hospital groups working with doTERRA oils to provide their patients better care and research future possibilities.

Aren't essential oils expensive?

Not really. At pennies per drop, they are actually a surprisingly economically way to manage family health. There are about 250 drops per 15ml bottle and each drop is highly concentrated and potent. When diluted with a carrier oil, the oils go even farther. 

I also have to ask... What is health worth? Is it more economical to fight a skin problem with an essential oil or pay for a doctor visit and prescription medication?

Your initial purchase of oils may seem expensive until you understand the value and what you have really invested in. Want to know why pure therapeutic grade essential oils are always going to cost more than synthetic brands? Watch this beautiful video on what goes into the production of doTERRA oils. Sourcing doTERRA Nepalese Wintergreen Essential Oil

Why shouldn't I just buy oils at Walmart?

Stop! Don't do it! If you are going to be putting something on your skin or breathing it in, you need to make sure that you're not doing more harm than good. And I will tell you... If you find a $10 bottle of "pure" frankincense, it IS too good to be true. They may not be lying when they say "100% pure," but what they don't tell you is that along with the real oil, they put a bunch of synthetic fillers in as well. Read this informative post about How to Spot Poser Essential Oil Companies.

doTERRA essential oils are sourced from the best growing conditions on earth. They are distilled. And then they are tested three times, including once with a third party agency. It takes money. It also takes integrity. 

Can't I just buy doTERRA oils from Amazon?

No! Don't do it! There is no way to know if your Amazon purchase is 100% pure essential oils. Want to know how easy it is for scammers to rip you off? They use the original doTERRA bottles, purchase brand new cap seals, fill the bottles up with diluted or tainted oils, and charge you premium. When you purchase directly from doTERRA, you know the source of your oils, have access to fantastic customer service, and you will also be getting them at a better price by purchasing through the wholesale program. 

Why would I want to use an essential oil rather than an OTC medicine that does the same thing?

Essential oils are bio-available which means that the body knows exactly what to do with them. Synthetic medications on the other hand, have a host of potential side affects and are necessarily disruptive to body processes. Modern medicine is a blessing when we have a serious need! But there are negative consequences to using synthetic meds as the ordinary means by which we treat non-life threatening issues. Example: Did you know that ibuprofin is an immunosuppressant? So when we treat a symptom of illness with an immunosupressant, we are working against the healing powerhouse of the body. What if we had something that supports the immune system AND helps symptoms? What if we can use conventional medicine in cooperation with natural medicine? We can. 

I'm allergic to lavender... will I also be allergic to lavender essential oil?

Good news! It is highly unlikely. The proteins that our bodies react to in living plants are not present in the properly distilled essential oils. I can testify to this personally. I have tested positive for allergies to just about everything living on God's green earth. And I have never had a negative reaction to a doTERRA essential oil. There are some oils that don't appeal to me... but that is not the same as an allergy. 

I've heard that I should not put citrus oils on my face. Is this true?

Citrus oils do make skin more sensitive to the sun. This is called photosensitivity or phototoxicity and exposure to UV light can potentially cause burning, blistering, or discoloration even from minor sun exposure. This does not mean that you cannot use any skin products that have citrus in them, only that you should take great care not to apply oils before sun exposure or to DIY products that may result in skin damage. The oils usually considered to be photosensitive are lemon, orange, lime, bergamot, and grapefruit. If you make your own products, there are specific dilutions at which each of these oils are safe to use even in the sun.

What if I am sensitive to smells?

 I have always considered myself VERY sensitive to smells. Perfumes, candles, lotions, everything... all caused me terrible headaches and other symptoms. I still am and avoid detergent aisles at the store and hold my breathe when passing people holding cigarettes. After discovering doTERRA essential oils, I realized that I actually love smells... I just can't tolerate synthetic toxic smells. doTERRA opened up an entire world of scent to me that I'd always considered closed. There are certain essential oils which I don't find as appealing as others; but if they have a healthy value to me other than their smell, I can still use them on the bottom of my feet. Smelly problem solved. ;) 

What should I do if I have a negative reaction to an essential oil?

First, dilute the area with another carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. This will dilute and disperse the oil you are reacting to. Since the oils are volatile, they will eventually evaporate and stop causing irritation. Do not wash with water; since water and oil do not mix and the water will just push the oil deeper into your skin.

Second, STOP using the oil. I have had sellers from a different major company tell me that my negative reactions to their oils was my body "detoxing." WRONG. That is just wrong. 

Why don't you use Young Living?

This is one of the most frequent questions I get. And the answer is simple... I started out as a Young Living customer and didn't like their oils. I desperately wanted to since I knew the cost of the kit I had and because so many good people I knew were using them. When I reacted badly to them (headaches and a histamine response), I was told by multiple Young Living reps that my body was just "detoxing" and I should tough it out. Call me crazy but migraines are not my idea of healthy living... so I put those oils in the closet and chalked it up to my normal sensitivities. 

Fortunately, my doTERRA experience was very different. I was shocked. They smelled wonderful, were effective, and didn't cause any negative reaction. ZERO. I believe that every family needs to make their own wellness decisions and I know that will look different from family to family. But when it comes to my personal and family health, I will not use something that I am uncomfortable with.

When I decided to formally leave Young Living by deleting my account, I did one last exhaustive search looking for reasons to stay. The more I looked into the company and particularly the founder, the more relieved I was that I would no longer be a part of the company. 

There are other differences between the companies; but let it suffice to say that I love doTERRA; the leadership, the company ethics, my team, the compensation, and most importantly, the products. 

Many people have asked me about the legal charges against doTERRA by Young Living. I am happy (but not surprised) to say that they are absolutely baseless. doTERRA is Vindicated in Young Living Trial

Why Did You Decide to Start Doing This as a Business?

First, because I can't NOT share. Just like with the rest of my health journey, I feel compelled to reach out to others with my story of renewal and healing. It drives me past my shallow concern over what people will think. But I will say it a million times more if it reaches just one person:

When I was 35, I sincerely thought I was going to be in a wheelchair by the time I was 40. I was that sick. I am now 42 and nowhere near that wheelchair. Doctors couldn't help me, but I changed my diet, my lifestyle, my environment... and God gave me new life with which to serve. 

I want that for other people. So many are suffering. Maybe someone out there will benefit from my story.

Second, because I love doTERRA products, the leadership, and their compensation plan. Doing this allows me to spend a lot of time with people outside my family who need help or want to make changes while also blessing my family. There is a real freedom in that. Read more HERE.

Is doTERRA a "pyramid scheme"?

No. A pyramid scheme is when people invest money with the promise of getting rich with no goods exchanged. (Sounds eerily similar to the stock market, no?) Compensation with doTERRA is based on products sold and is a legitimate, successful, and common business model.

As far as the shape of an organization is concerned, traditional business models look much more like pyramid than doTERRA's, which looks much more like a tree. Traditional models have limited numbers of spots at the top. doTERRA's top positions are UNLIMITED. And... it's impossible to get to the top without helping those beneath you... quite different from the dog-eat-dog corporate world.

Do you have another question? Ask me! 

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