Are you having a crisis of the soul? 

A life crisis is when you encounter a difficulty and do not know how to overcome it.

A soul crisis is different.

It is when you have forgotten who you are, what your purpose is, and begin to doubt whether you are worthy of love at all.

Both can be tremendously stressful and often go hand in hand. 

If you are suffering from a crisis of soul and struggling under the weight of a loss of purpose and joy, I can't promise to fix your problem. What I can do is to offer my hand, my support, and my story. Perhaps there is something there which will resonate for you and bring you to the doorway of healing.

I am not a professional of any kind so please do not use me as one.
I am just one woman who wants you to know that you are worthy, you are loved, and there is hope.

We often erroneously believe that if we are just holy enough, that we not be troubled by any physical or mental affliction. The truth, however, is that God created our mind, body, and soul to work in harmony. And sometimes we forget...

Caring for the body and mind are building blocks to caring for the soul. 

We do not need health or wealth to be loved, to love, to have a strong spiritual life, and to attain heaven. Many courageous men and women have certainly lived holy lives without having full health. But it is often true that our physical and mental state have a profound impact on how we view and approach our spiritual lives. 

And sometimes we need help.

When I was on a women's retreat with a trusted priest, he talked about this topic. We were about to have a period of "holy leisure" and Father encouraged us to forgo excess chatting (which gals are inclined to do) and go for a walk in nature or just go take a power nap. He said (my paraphrasing)...

"Care of the body is very important to a woman's spiritual life. There have been many times when women have come to me in distress, seeking help for a spiritual crisis, only to discover that what they really needed was a good night's sleep and the shoulder of a friend."

It isn't always that simple. But our emotions are really a chain of chemical events in the body, triggered by trauma, happiness, stress, exercise, physical well-being, relationships, and even the fragrant breeze on a warm Summer day. A meal, a restful sleep, or a respite from long illness can make a tremendous difference in how we see the world...

How we interact with others.
How we develop our relationships.
How we pray.
How we see our own worth.
How we approach our God.
How we embrace His love.
How we accept His forgiveness.

My crisis of the soul as a young woman led me straight to the depths of despair... and then right into the arms of Jesus. That story is elsewhere. But if I could give you anything - anything at all - It would be the gift of a loving God Who made you good, beautiful, forgivable, irreplaceable, and eternally lovable. You already HAVE that though. So...

I would give you the knowledge that you were created for joy and that He desires it for you. 
I would give you the hope that there is respite from your grief and loneliness.
I would give you an invitation to know Him... so that you will never doubt again that you are beautiful and lovable. 

Yes... I would give you Jesus. 

It's not entirely clear to me how to offer you spiritual healing other than Jesus. So... even if you can't think of a single prayer to say... just call on His name. It is powerful balm for the soul.

Eat a nutritious meal. 
Drink some water.
Take a brisk walk.
Kiss your husband.
Call on Jesus. 

Just go to a quiet place and rest your mind... and lift up your weary hands and heart. And for a brief moment, when you breathe His name, just let the tears fall and give Him your sadness. Give Him your everything.

Then give Him permission to begin the healing.