There's a shift in our cultural way of thinking about our health. Have you seen it happening? 

It's a vision that is motivating individuals and families to take back control over their health and well-being. The empowered family knows that modern medicine is a great blessing... and also that nature provides us with many ways to reduce our need for that same medical intervention.

We know the side affects of our prescription medications and unhealthy lifestyles but we don't always know an alternative solution.

That is changing.

Before sharing my story, I want to share my disclosure…

I am a certified aromatherapist.
I do have a preferred brand.
I do sell the natural products I love.
I do believe that virtue-oriented business is still possible and I strive to practice it.

The most important information I share about health care is absolutely free and found on my website, in my upcoming book, and in speaking engagements and relationships. Plant-based medicine and essential oils are only one tool in a large, affordable tool box. If you’re interested, I’m happy to help. And that’s what this section is for…

Scroll all the way down to skip my story and get started. Or read on to find out what brought me to this plant-loving journey…

MY STORY (Abbreviated)

If you would have told me 7 years ago that I would be living today without pain and debilitating chronic illness, I'm not sure I would have believed you. After all, 20 years is a long time to suffer. A very long time. I figured it was just my lot in life... my particular cross...

I had spent thousands of dollars seeking a cause and a cure and had been diagnosed and medicated incorrectly multiple times. I was surviving but getting sicker every year... and losing hope. I had almost forgotten how to hope.

One day I hit bottom... and through my groans and tears I made a desperate resolution. I would finally take the advice of a good friend and try an elimination diet. That full story is elsewhere but I'll skip right to the end for our purpose here...

I cut out every possible inflammatory food and replaced it with real, fresh food.
And my life changed immediately. 

My body was nutrient starved and fatigued from years of struggle. So I kept going, adding supplements and new foods and eliminating anything that would tax or suppress my immune system. 

Essential oils inevitably made their entrance into my life when I sought natural solutions to things for which I would previously just pop a pill. My immune system was compromised by many years of antibiotic use, so I sought natural anti-bacterial solutions. I learned that ibuprofin is an immunosuppressant and hard on the stomach, so I researched alternatives for pain relief and anti-inflammatories. The list goes on. 

Once I got over the false idea that essential oils and herbs were some kind of snake oil voodoo, I was awed by the  way that God had designed plant compounds for our benefit. For my benefit. Further evidence of His love for me... and a great consolation on my healing journey. 

The journey is not over. I have sustained much damage from years of illness and I do have periodic flare-ups of symptoms. I don't come to these pages as a model of success or perfection as much as I come as a friend seeking to support and to be supported.

I have recovered hope. And I want to offer you hope.

Is it dramatic to say that essential oils specifically have contributed to that hope? Perhaps... but it's true. It's no more dramatic than saying...

There are nights when I lie awake in bed just to marvel at the experience of being pain-free. 

Thank you, Jesus. 

Full story HERE.


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