The Best Clean Eating Snack On the Go (Sweetpotato Awesome)

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I'll make this short and sweet...

I have been a gluten-free clean eater for five years and this snack is my hands down favorite. Absolutely no question about it. I would eat Sweetpotato Awesome just as often as I have it in my hands. I would be happy to receive it as a gift on my birthday. Yes... it's that good. 

  • Super crunch that we gluten free peeps so often miss.
  • Exceptional flavor
  • Nutrient dense
  • Clean, organic ingredients that can be counted in the single digits. 

On top of all that, Sweetpotato Awesome was created by entrepreneur, Joshua Kingdon, who is a man of true integrity and excellence. If there's one thing I love more than food (??), it's supporting small business and the hearts and souls behind a product.

What is my favorite flavor?

I'm sorry... I cannot choose. Each one I tried became my new favorite and then after I finished the last one, I'm pretty sure I missed them all equally.

  • Dilliciously Awesome
  • Flat Out Awesome
  • Hot N' Awesome
  • Chias Awesome
  • Original Awesome
  • Plus Sea Salt Beets Amazing (which is NOT sweetpotatoes but will please all beet lovers out there).

Remember, these are not chips, they are SLICES... of organic freeze dried sweetpotatoes goodness prepared with organic, nutrient dense ingredients. There are so many ways to eat them... check out the website for ideas. 

Don't balk at the price. It reflects the quality and goodness of what is in these bags! It also reflects the blood, sweat, tears, and regulatory hoops that entrepreneurs must jump through in order to be awesome. 

I used to feed my toddlers fish crackers. Now that we are gluten free, I don't intend to replace processed junk with gluten free processed junk from Walmart. Junk is junk.

But Sweetpotato Awesome?

Baby loves these. Mama is happy. Please visit the Sweetpotato Awesome site to get your own... (and put another bag in the cart for me).